Debugging TypeScript in the browser

Using source maps it's possible to debug TypeScript code directly in the browser even after transpilation.

Generics in TypeScript

TypeScript introduces Generics which allow us to use reusable components within our applications with ease.

Functions in TypeScript

Functions in TypeScript work in exactly the same way as functions in ES2015, allowing us to use rest and default params and fat arrow functions in combination with data types.

Classes in TypeScript

Classes in TypeScript really extend JavaScript’s (ES2015) class functionality and add their support for types and member access.

Interfaces in TypeScript

Interfaces provide a very powerful way of to define entities that most conform a definition – in other words it allows us to specify properties for entities.

Types in TypeScript

TypeScript uses data typing which is one of it's most important features for allowing developers to write better code.

Introduction to TypeScript

TypeScript is a language developed by Microsoft that, among other things, has type support. In this article we'll discover its basics including how to setup your environment to work with this language.