Display real-time data in Angular

In this article, we'll be taking a look at two ways to display real-time data in an Angular application - one using a timeout and the other using sockets.

What's new in Angular 6?

In this article we are discussing the changes involved with the latest relase of the popular frontend framework by Google, Angular 6.

Caching HTTP requests with Angular

​Often when working with Angular applications, we make HTTP requests to access data from an API. Sometimes we are making requests to the same API endpoint in which case it'd make sense to cache the result of the response to avoid further requests.

Binding HTML with Angular

In this article we are reviewing what it takes to render HTML content inside Angular templates, including a word of caution regarding unsafe content.

constructor vs ngOnInit in Angular

A frequently asked question in Angular2+ is the difference between constructor() and ngOnInit() inside components. This article gives an answer.

Question mark in Angular expression

Angular comes with a safe navigation operator that guards against 'null' and 'undefined' values in property paths.

Angular - Http vs HttpClient


A new, more robust HttpClient is available as of Angular 4.3. In this article we are discussing its main changes with code examples.

Angular - Promise vs Observable


An article explaining the differences between Promises and Observables in Angular.